Laura's Self Portrait
  Only By Water

Artist Laura Watkins has a lifetime of experience when it comes to
living life on the water, having grown up exploring everything
between McClellanville and the North Edisto in South Carolina. 

She could swim before she could walk, and learned to run a boat
long before driving her first car.  While other kids were playing in their
backyards and neighborhood playgrounds, Laura was chasing
fiddler crabs and shaking down her cast net

Being on the water has certainly inspired her art.
The scope of reference is everyday island living.
Her studio is on a small sea island accessible 'only by water'.
Her surroundings enable her to take advantage
of what the coastline has to offer.

Her work is guided by the wind, the current, and what the tide brings in.


Each of the links below contains samples of Laura's artistry.

All work is customized.

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